The Unruly Princess & Other Stories

The Unruly Princess & Other Stories is an anthology of six short stories aimed at children in the 4 to 12 age bracket with the idea being that older and more advanced children could read unaided and younger children be read to, especially at bedtime.

All the tales have a strong 'natural world' element and they are aimed at inspiring children to make their own investigations and to stimulate them to want to find out more where the stories leave off.
Damaris' viewpoint: During my days as a Montessori teacher and also as a private tutor, I found the children in my care loved stories like these. They enjoyed being challenged and revelled in the opportunity to ask questions and then be shown how and where to find the answers. That said, entertainment is essential, too, and I hope my young readers feel I've delivered on that score!
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Sample text

Lucy woke to the soft patter of rain against her bedroom window. This was the day: the day on which she’d been promised that the whole family - herself, her parents, and Barney the dog - would do whatever she wanted. She had already chosen, in her favourite meadow, the exact tree under which she would like the picnic, had been refining the menu for weeks (not, however, a complex one as most of it would be ice cream) and had been rehearsing how she would coerce Father and Mother into playing the sort of games like Tag, and Hide-and-Seek, which they normally wriggled out of because of a full stomach or old bones.

It had never occurred to her that it might rain. There had been no warning: it had been fine every day for the last two weeks. On a less important day she would have trusted the resourcefulness of grown-ups to mitigate the disaster, but today of all days! She had been watching it come, down the months and the weeks, dreaming about it, planning and preparing for it, and now this!

If the day could not be what she hoped, she would make it as miserable as possible. She curled herself into a tight ball under the covers, and looked forward to the moment when she could refuse to get up.

More information about The Unruly Princess & Other Stories by Damaris West

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